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Fall arrives on the lowlands in early October, and in the mountains even earlier in mid-September. In the highlands, there is no other type of weather but cold winters. Fall is a mellow and pleasant season, and it is the greatest time to see the countryside. If you want to make the most of Autumn Season in Pakistan, visiting Hunza is a good idea. Hunza Valley looks the best during fall. Because of its moderate climate, a journey to Hunza Valley is always preferred by tourists. Hunza is best visited between April and October when the temperature reaches a maximum of 27°C during the hot summer months. Moreover, during the Autumn season, the valley has trillions of colors with the beautiful high and snow capped mountains in the background.

Write to us to get the best Hunza autumn tour package and enjoy the fall foliage in Hunza, Pakistan.

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04 Oct, 2024 12 Oct, 2024 $1080 USD 30% Available
13 Oct, 2024 21 Oct, 2024 $1220 USD 30% Limited seats
25 Oct, 2024 02 Nov, 2024 $1080 USD 30% Available
01 Nov 2024 09 Nov 2024 $750 USD 30% Available



  • Islamabad city tour, Taxila city tour, Visit to Duiker sunset point, Attabad Lake boating
  • Hike to Passu glacier, visit Passu suspension bridge, Day excursion to Khunjerab Pass and Nationak park
  • Explore Ghulkin, Gulmit and Pass village, Visit Hopper valley and the glacier


  • Experienced tour guide
  • Private Transport
  • Rooms on twin sharing
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Airport transfers
  • Visa supporting documents
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Entrance Tickets
  • International/domestic air ticket
  • Visa fee


Day 01 (04 Oct, 2024): Islamabad

Upon your arrival in Islamabad, our dedicated guide and driver will warmly welcome you either at the international or domestic arrival of Islamabad International Airport. Alternatively, they can meet you at your specified location within Islamabad or Rawalpindi city. After the pleasant exchange of greetings, our team will ensure your comfortable transfer to the hotel in Islamabad. Your journey begins with a seamless and hospitable introduction to the capital city.

Day 02 (05 Oct, 2024): Islamabad - Chilas

We will embark on a drive to Chilas using the Karakoram Highway, which winds through the scenic Kohistan valley alongside the Indus River. Alternatively, if the Babusar Pass is accessible, we will opt for this route. This path takes us through the picturesque Naran valley, allowing us to relish its breathtaking beauty. During the journey, we will make stops to admire the stunning Lulusar Lake and the Babusar Pass. Upon arrival, we will ensure a smooth transfer to your hotel, where you can unwind and rest after the day's travels.

Day 03 (06 Oct, 2024): Chilas – Passu/Gulmit/Ghulkin

Today's journey takes us from Chilas to Passu, Gulmit, or Ghulkin, with several enchanting stops along the way.

Our first pause will be at the Nanga Parbat viewpoint, where we can marvel at the majestic presence of the 9th highest mountain on Earth, towering at 8126 meters.

Continuing our drive along the renowned Karakoram Highway, we will reach the convergence point of three magnificent mountain ranges. This spot offers a unique glimpse of nature's grandeur.

Our journey then takes us to the remnants of the historic Silk Road in Nagar, echoing tales of ancient trade and culture.

Afterward, we will recharge with lunch at the Rakaposhi viewpoint, soaking in the stunning surroundings.

Following lunch, we'll proceed to Passu, Gulmit, or Ghulkin in Upper Hunza. Upon arrival, a comfortable transfer to your hotel will be arranged for a well-deserved rest.

Day 04 (07 Oct, 2024): Passu/Gulmit/Ghulkin/Passu Glacier/Passu Suspension Bridge

Today we have all day of exploration in upper Hunza, where the vibrant autumn hues await your discovery. This meticulously crafted itinerary invites you to delve into a series of exceptional destinations that showcase our region's natural splendor and cultural richness.

Our journey starts with a visit to Borith Lake, a serene gem nestled amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. The next highlight is the renowned Passu Glacier, a testament to nature's grandeur that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For those seeking an adventurous twist, you'll have the chance to cross either the Hussaini or Passu Suspension Bridge, offering sweeping views of our surroundings.

Following a delightful lunch, our exploration continues with a visit to the historic Gulmit Village. The revered Gulmit Old House beckons, inviting you to immerse yourself in our village's storied heritage.

Concluding your day is a visit to the charming Ghulkin Village, where the essence of Hunza's allure is beautifully preserved. Here, picturesque landscapes and cultural nuances intertwine seamlessly.

Throughout this immersive journey, each moment presents an opportunity to capture breathtaking vistas and engage in meaningful cultural interactions. As you soak in the beauty of upper Hunza, you'll create cherished memories that embody the essence of our remarkable region.

Day 05 (08 Oct, 2024): Khunjerab / Khunjerav Pass – 4693m (Pakistan – China border)

Embark on a full-day adventure to Khunjerab Pass, standing at an impressive 4693 meters above sea level. This extraordinary pass marks the meeting point of Pakistan and China, making it a truly remarkable border location.

Throughout our journey, you'll have the chance to revel in the beauty of autumn, as we make frequent stops to capture stunning photographs of the colorful foliage.

As we make our way back, we'll make strategic pauses within the vast Khunjerab National Park. With a bit of luck, we might even spot some of the local wildlife, such as the majestic ibex and the elusive snow leopard.

Continuing into the afternoon, our exploration takes us to:

- Passu Village: Here, you can bask in the picturesque charm of Passu village and take unforgettable snapshots with the iconic Passu Cones in the backdrop.

This day not only promises awe-inspiring landscapes but also the possibility of encountering the region's unique wildlife up close.

Day 06 (09 Oct, 2024): Passu/Gulmit/Ghulkin – Karimabad

Embark on a scenic drive to Karimabad, where every moment of the day is painted in the vibrant hues of autumn.

Our journey begins with a stop at the stunning Attabad Lake, a tranquil oasis amidst the rugged terrain. The turquoise waters offer a moment of serene beauty that will leave you in awe.

Continuing our route, we pause at the Sacred Rocks of Hunza, a site rich in cultural significance and historical importance. Here, you can delve into the stories etched into these remarkable formations.

The enchantment continues as we reach the captivating Hoper Valley, home to the majestic Hoper Glacier. The valley's grandeur and tranquility provide an unforgettable experience that speaks to the wonders of nature.

As the sun starts its descent, we head to Karimabad, where a warm reception awaits you. Upon arrival, you'll seamlessly transition to your hotel, where you can unwind and reflect on a day filled with captivating landscapes and enriching discoveries.

This thoughtfully crafted journey promises not only scenic splendors but also cultural insights, ensuring your stay in Karimabad is an experience to cherish.

Day 07 (10 Oct, 2024): Karimabad

Embark on a day of exploration that seamlessly blends cultural wonders and the enchanting colors of autumn:

Our journey commences with a dive into history at the Baltit Fort, an architectural marvel that offers a window into the past. Once the residence of the king (mir) of Hunza, the fort stands as a testament to the region's rich heritage.

The lively Karimabad Local Bazaar beckons, inviting you to engage with local life, discover unique treasures, and soak in the vibrant ambience.

Following a satisfying lunch, tranquility awaits at the Royal Garden, an oasis of natural beauty where you can unwind and reflect.

Our adventure unfolds further with a visit to the ancient Altit Fort, where the pages of history come alive. Altit Fort, an earlier royal residence preceding Baltit Fort, holds tales of bygone eras.

As the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, we embark on a scenic drive to Duiker. Against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks that embrace Hunza and Nagar valleys, a breathtaking sunset awaits.

As the day draws to a close, we ensure your comfort with a seamless return to your hotel, leaving you with cherished memories of a day that seamlessly blended exploration, cultural insights, and the captivating hues of autumn.

Day 08 (11 Oct, 2024): Karimabad – Besham

Embark on a journey back to Besham via the renowned Karakoram Highway, a route famous for its breathtaking scenery. Along the way, we will make brief stops for both lunch and photography, allowing you to capture the beauty of the surroundings. As we reach Besham, you will be seamlessly transferred to your hotel, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing end to your day of travel.

Day 09 (12 Oct, 2024): Besham – Islamabad - Fly to your destination

As your remarkable journey with us concludes, we have a day of enriching experiences in store:

Our day begins with a picturesque drive from Besham to Islamabad, punctuated by short stops for photography, lunch, and a visit to the renowned Taxila Museum—a repository of the ancient Gandhara Civilization's treasures.

Upon arriving in Islamabad, immerse yourself in the city's charm as we explore its iconic landmarks. Marvel at the grandeur of the Faisal Mosque and the Pakistan Monument, and meander through local bazaars to capture the essence of everyday life.

As the sun sets, we'll ensure your timely departure by driving you to the airport three hours prior to your flight. While your journey with us concludes, the memories you've gathered during your time exploring Pakistan's wonders will forever enrich your experiences.


Gilgit Baltistan

Frequently asked questions

This is indeed a fixed departure group tour, meaning that the tour dates and itinerary are pre-determined and set for the specified duration. It offers a structured and organized travel experience, allowing participants to join a group of fellow travelers and explore the destination together.

To ensure the successful execution of this tour, a minimum of 08 participants is required. Additionally, each car can accommodate a maximum of 18 individuals, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for all travelers.

The best time to see fall foliage in Hunza, Pakistan and other part of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan is between mid-Sept to mid-November.

Given the cooler temperatures experienced in Gilgit-Baltistan during the fall season, it's advisable to pack warm clothing items. Ensuring you have sufficient layers, including jackets, sweaters, and other cozy attire, will help keep you comfortable and prepared for the chilly weather conditions.

Certainly, children under the age of 5 will enjoy complimentary participation in the tours. For children aged 6 to 12 years, a generous 50% discount will be applicable to all tour packages, allowing families to make the most of their travel experiences together.

To secure your spot and confirm your tour reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total tour price is needed. This advance payment ensures your place in the tour group and allows us to make the necessary arrangements for your upcoming adventure.

We offer the convenience of various payment options for your ease. We recommend bank transfers as the preferred mode of payment. Additionally, Western Union transfers are also accepted. For added convenience, you can utilize the credit card payment option available on our website to complete your transaction securely and efficiently.

Absolutely, we provide the convenience of making payments directly on our website using various types of credit and debit cards. This secure and user-friendly option allows you to complete your transaction with ease and peace of mind.

The tour start and ends at the "Islamabad International Airport." Additionally, we offer the flexibility of providing pick-up and drop-off services at various locations within Islamabad and Rawalpindi, ensuring your convenience and seamless travel arrangements.

Indeed, we have the capability to organize tours from various cities across Pakistan. For private tours, we can customize the itinerary to accommodate your starting point. However, please note that for fixed departure tours, the majority of them commence and conclude in Islamabad. This ensures a well-structured and coordinated travel experience for all participants.

You can expect a dedicated and knowledgeable professional guide to accompany you throughout the entirety of the tour. This guide will provide valuable insights, share fascinating information about the destinations, and ensure that your journey is both informative and enjoyable.

Indeed, a valid visa is a prerequisite for entry into Pakistan. It is essential to obtain the appropriate visa in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free entry into the country.

Absolutely, once your tour is confirmed and the advance payment is successfully processed, we will promptly provide you with all the necessary visa supporting documents. Our aim is to ensure a seamless and efficient process for obtaining the required documents for your travel to Pakistan

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Hunza Autumn Tour 2024 – 2025

Autumn Hunza

An excellent tour that include a first class guide and incredible driver. The tour was well curated and flexible to make the most of this beautiful area. Good food and accommodation were complementary to this trip.
Hunza Autumn Tour 2024 – 2025

First class tour guide

A pleasant and experienced ground agents who knows the Gilgit Baltistan area well. Highly recommended!

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