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Hunza Explorers is a Professional Inbound Tour Operator, based in Hunza valley – Pakistan with branch office in Islamabad – Pakistan and Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam. We focus in private High quality & Luxury tours with unique style for worldwide travelers for years. All Pakistan tours which Hunza Explorers provides are tailor-made according to your needs. No other company puts more efforts into personalizing each tour than we do.

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Since years we are working in the field of tourism with the absolute aim to present a better quality of service to the client, to fulfill the actual needs of our guest traveling individually or in groups. We are proud to say that our experienced local guides, porters, drivers and cooks are capable to make your journey safe and smooth. We organize mountaineering, trekking, jeep safaris, mountain biking, culture tours, study tours, hunting tours, honeymoon tours and historical trips in all over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Xinjaing China. which have undoubtedly being blessed with pleasant diversities is rich in breathtaking scenic beauty, historical and culture heritage.

We at Hunza Explorers invite you cordially to experience for yourself, what these country has to offer. It is our promise, If you come along, we will show you a different face of our country, whether you take the Desert experience, the Sikh pilgrimage, the Buddhist route or one of the breathtaking scenic trek through the Himalayas, Karakorum, Pamir’s and the Wakhan corridor, it will be truly an experience of a lifetime and that’s a promise.

January 15 - 28
January 22 - 29
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
April 04 - 13
Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
April 11 - 20
Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
May 01 - 08
Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
May 11 - 17
Kalash, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
May 22 - 03
Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
June 15 - 05
Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan
October 02 - 11

Top Tourist Destinations in Pakistan

Hunza Valley is a mountainous valley in Gilgit in the Gilgit-Baltistan autonomous region, an area under the control of the government of Pakistan. The Hunza valley is situated to the north of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 metres (8,200 ft). The territory of Hunza is about 7,900 square kilometres (3,100 sq mi). Karimabad (formerly called Baltit) is the main town, which is also a very popular tourist destination because of the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains like Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Bojahagur Duanasir II, Hunza Peak, Diran Peak and Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak), all 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) or higher.

Hunza was formerly a princely state bordering China to the north-east and Pamir to its north-west, which continued to survive until 1974, when it was finally dissolved by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The state bordered the Gilgit Agency to the south, the former princely state of Nagar to the east. The state capital was the town of Baltit (also known as Karimabad) and its old settlement is Ganish Village. Read More

Skardu valley (Little Tibet is located in the Gilgit–Baltistan region, Pakistan. Skardu is 10 kilometres (6 miles) wide by 40 kilometres (25 miles) long. Skardu is at an altitude of nearly 2,500 m (8,200 ft). The town is surrounded by grey-brown colored mountains, which hide the 8,000 metre peaks of the nearby Karakoram Range. Skardu is the gateway to world’s second highest peak “K2/Godwin Austen, 8611” and other three peaks which are above 8000 meters ( Gasherbrum I/K5 8080m, Broad Peak 8051m, Gasherbrum II/K4 8035m) and many other wich are below 8000m. There are also some beaufitul and famous lakes in the vicinity (Upper Kachura lake, Lower Kachura Lake, and Sadpara Lake). Read More

Ghizer valley is the westernmost part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Its capital is Gahkuch. Ghizer is crossroads between Gilgit and Chitral and also to Tajikistan via Qurumber pass through Ishkomen/Darkut Yasin (which are connected via Shandur Pass). Ghizer is a multi-ethnic district and three major languages are spoken; shina, khowar and Burushaski. There are also Wakhi Tajik speakers in Ishkoman. Read More

Swat is a river valley and an administrative district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is the upper valley of the Swat River, which rises in the Hindu Kush range. The capital of Swat is Saidu Sharif, but the main town in the Swat valley is Mingora. It was a princely state in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa until it was dissolved in 1969 along with many other princely states like Dir state and Chitral state. The valley is populated mostly by ethnic Pashtuns and Gujjar and Kohistani communities. The languages spoken in the valley are Pashto, Gojri, Torwali and Kohistani. Read More

The Kalasha Valleys are valleys in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. The valleys are surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountain range. The inhabitants of the valley are the Kalash people, who have a unique culture, language and follow a form of ancient Hinduism. As such, the Kalasha Valleys are a source of attraction for Pakistani as well as International tourists. There are three main valleys. The largest and most populous valley is Bumburet (Mumuret), reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. Rumbur and Acholgah are side valleys north of Bumburet. The third valley, Biriu (Birir), is s side valley of the Kunar Valley south of Bumburet. Read More

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Hunza, north Pakistan

Went to Hunza, North Pakistan from 1-10 Sept 2017 and also to performed the Qurban ritual organised by Hunza Explorer. It was an awesome experience. The… Read more “Hunza, north Pakistan”

Fadzilah Onn
1st - 10 Sept. 2017

Wonderful tour of Hunza Pakistan

Starting from the email enquiries, Hunza Explorers had done a good job with prompt replies and recommendations and their overall customer service. On the ground, during… Read more “Wonderful tour of Hunza Pakistan”

Ko Lai mun
04 - 14 April, 2018

A spring/blossom at Hunza valley

I had a hectic and enjoyable trip in Hunza valley and Northern areas in Pakistan. HUnza Explorers trek and tours was really fantastic tour operator ,… Read more “A spring/blossom at Hunza valley”

Quang Nguyen
04 - 14 April, 2018

A liable and highly experienced tour agency

A liable and highly experienced tour agency. I traveled from Islamabad, Lahore up to Karakoram Highway and the peak on the Pakistani-Chinese border at Khunjerab Pass.… Read more “A liable and highly experienced tour agency”

Prangthong Jitcharoenkul
April 2017

Qurban Tour to Hunza Valley.

Hunza Explorers took great care of us throughout the journey and made sure that all our needs were met, especially safety. They were very accommodating to… Read more “Qurban Tour to Hunza Valley.”

Faris Malik
0ct 2017

My best journey of the year, < Pakistan>

Scenery, people, accommodation, food, great driver, tour leader/guide, and sincere thanks to Karim Tajik, who creates this wonderful trip for us.
I will certainly recommend… Read more “My best journey of the year, < Pakistan>“

Jacky Siriwat
Oct. 2017

Thank you Hunza Explorers!

Thank you Karim for showing us the amazing Hunza valley. I and my friends enjoyed the trip and most of us are thinking to come back… Read more “Thank you Hunza Explorers!”

Mae Khun
04 - 14 April, 2018

amazing place

It’s very amazing place, nice mountains, people and guide Karim Tajik with his team. It was awesome. 1-10 September 2017 Northern Pakistan ?? ?

Ummi Faridah Mohamed
1st - 10 Sept. 2017

t’s very amazing place, nice mountains

We decided to visit to North Pakistan on April 2017. It’s very amazing place, nice mountains and special we found a lovely and helpful guide, like… Read more “t’s very amazing place, nice mountains”

Wassana Surakahol
April 2017

Hunza explorer autumn tour

It was a great tour organized by Hunza Explorers. I was impressed by their prompt replies to my queries, swift response to my Visa needs, experience… Read more “Hunza explorer autumn tour”

Richmond Lim
Oct. 2017

“Wonderful trip to Pakistan with Hunza Explorers tour agency”

Pakistan is the most beautiful one. We had 23 days in Hunza with Hunza Explorers tour agency. Thank to my super tour guide, Everything so great.… Read more ““Wonderful trip to Pakistan with Hunza Explorers tour agency””

Quy T
16 April - 02 May, 2018

Autumn in hunza

Autumn in hunza is one of its kind so I was glad that had a good service with hunza explorers it was nice trip . we… Read more “Autumn in hunza”

Oct, 2017

“Wonderful trip to Pakistan with Hunza Explorers tour agency”

Our trip to Pakistan was perfect. We were attracted to and curious about learning Pakistan. We had a limited time of 8 days with another 10… Read more ““Wonderful trip to Pakistan with Hunza Explorers tour agency””

Martin Jones
United Kingdom
Spet 2017

Breathtaking View of Northern Pakistan

Breathtaking view of mountains, valleys and the sound of river flowing surrounded us during our trip to Northern Pakistan covering Chilas, Passu, Hunza, Karimabad
&… Read more “Breathtaking View of Northern Pakistan”

Fida Fid
1st - 10 Sept. 2017

Wonderful Spring Tour to Pakistan

Hunza Explorers 服務不錯而且貼心,值得推薦!!!
謝謝Hunza Explorers

04 - 14 April, 2018

Amazing trip, unforgettable time in Hunza with Hunza Explorers

I had an amazing trip to Hunza last April in Blossom season and Hunza Explorers made it unforgettable time, indeed! Hunza’s mountains, its glaciers, its roads,… Read more “Amazing trip, unforgettable time in Hunza with Hunza Explorers”

Mai Tran
10 April - 02 May, 2018

Hunza Explorers, you are THE BEST!!

Masya Allah! Thanks to Hunza Explorers for such an everlasting memories for all 25 of us from Exora.
An eye opening experience, seeing the beautiful… Read more “Hunza Explorers, you are THE BEST!!”

Marican Sue
1st - 10 Sept. 2017

บริการดีมากคะ แนะนำ

บริการดีมากคะ แนะนำ

บริการดีมากคะ แนะนำ

Chanya Moo
Oct. 2017

Great Trip to Pakistan

Mình đã đi khoảng 50 nước rồi và chưa thấy nơi nào tuyệt vời như Pakistan từ phong cảnh đẹp ngỡ ngàng đến con người quá… Read more “Great Trip to Pakistan”

Levu Giang Tran
16 April - 02 May, 2018

I’m in awed of Hunza’s Beauty

Traveling to more than 50 countries and to be honest, Pakistan is the most beautiful one. We had 15 days in Hunza and it’s not enough… Read more “I’m in awed of Hunza’s Beauty”

Vincent T
16 April - 02 May, 2018

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