The Deosai rolling pastureland of rounded hills, knee deep in summer grass and flowers, inhabited by whistling marmots and boasting view of giant Mountains in the distance. It offers gentler walking then the Karakorum, with its jagged towers of granite and narrow valley. Billed as the highest plateau in the world, the Deosai stretches south for about 65 kilometers, blocking the way from Skardu via Burzil pass to Sri Nagar. A treeless wilderness at 4000 meters un-inhabited and inhospitable winter, snow covered for eight months of the year and well-known for its ferocious wind storms, the plateau is none the less enchanted on clear august days.


Day 1: Islamabad

Arrival in Ialamabad and transfer to the hotel

Day 2: Islamabad - Taxila - Naran

Day 3: Naran - Rama (Astore Valley)

Day 4: Rama Lake

Day to visit Rama Lake and explore around

Day 5: Rama - Deosai Plains


Day 6: Deosai Plains

Day to explore around Deosai Plains


Day 7: Deosai Plains - Skardu



Day 8: Skardu - Khaplu




Day 9: Khaplu - Hushe Valley - Skardu





Day 10: Skardu - Chilas






Day 11: Chilas - Naran Valley







Day 12: Naran - Lake Saif ul Malook - Shogran








Day 13: Shogran - Islamabad









Day 14: Fly to your destination